Peterborough County Council, Crowland Road, Thorney

Under a sub-contract to Ringway Infrastructure Services, Stabilised Pavements Limited (SPL) carried out works on Crowland Road, Thorney for Peterborough County Council, saving them expensive disposal of tar bound material.


Oxford County Council, Yarnells Hill, Oxford

In January 2009 SPL, under a subcontract to Kier Easter, undertook cold in-situ recycling of the Long Stay Car Park - 7,700m2 in total. This is the second time in a row SPL has been granted works on Stansted Car Park.


Recycling Saves a Fortune
in Enfield. Highways

Enfield Council has made substantial savings in cost and time and has achieved huge environmental benefits on a series of road maintenance projects in the Borough.


Long Stay Carpark - Yellow Zone Upgrade, Stansted, Essex, Uttlesford UK

By contracting Stabilised Pavements Limited (SPL) to undertake specialist Structural In-Situ Road Recycling works

on the Yarnells Hill, Oxford County Council managed to halve their costs!


Suffolk County Council, Hoxne Road, Denham

Under a sub-contract to Carillion Highway Maintenance, Stabilised Pavements Limited (SPL) carried out works on Hoxne Road, Denham for Suffolk County Council and managed to reduce the scheme time by 75%.


SPL Case Study: 'Regen' Road Norfolk


Fen Road as the name suggests is a rural single track built on

soft, moving ground, resulting in cracking and deep rutting



SPL Case Study: T-3 Rural Access Rd Bucks


With the British Grand Prix fast approaching In-Situ Recycling

by SPL was a perfect fit for this programme sensitive work.

SPL Case Study: T-3 Rural Access Rd Bucks

To complete the scheme Eurovia carried out the installation of a 60mm asphalt binder course which subsequently received Surface Dressing.


The result – a promptly delivered and cost effective safer route for Buckinghamshire road users and visiting Racegoers alike.


SPL Case Study: T-2 A Road Nightwork Somerset


For this reason Somerset County Council tasked Skanska and

their supply chain partners to develop alternative proposals

that could potentially reduce the length of time of the works.


CEMEX and Stabilised Pavements CO2 and resource efficiency PPT


The sustainability and climate change agenda is a key issue for us. We are committed to continuing to play our part and innovating, and our actions to reduce CO2 have only just started.


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SPL Case Study: 'Regen Roads' Cambs Prog

The project involved the reconstruction of failing carriageways within Cambridge County Council’s rural network.


In situ carriageway recycling essentially is a process of reconstruction using the materials within the existing carriageway.


SPL Case Study A709 Lochar Bridge

The A709 at Lochar Bridge is a section of carriageway between Dumfries and Lockerbie - a major route out of Dumfries heading east, with most of its HGV use by timber lorries.


SPL Case Study Glamis Gardens Peterborough

Development and expansion plans at The Jack Hunt School, located in the residential area of Netherton in Peterborough, had lead local residents to be concerned that the development will adversely impact on their neighbourhood and their own properties. It was of utmost importance therefore to keep levels of disruption around the pre-construction works to a minimum.


SPL Case Study T-3 Rural Access Rd Cheshire East

Forge Mill Lane is a Category 3 road (0.5 – 2.5 msa) in the heart of rural Cheshire and is located approximately 4km West of Sandbach. Following initial information received from Cheshire East Highways, SPL initiated site evaluation and assessment.


SPL Case Study Green Apple Awards

The Green Apple Awards for Commerce and Industry for Environmental Best Practice.


The project the 'Cambridgeshire ‘Regen Roads’ Programme' and it was

submitted in the category for sustainable development.


SPL Case Study - A Sustainable Future for Scotland's Roads

For many years Stabilised Pavements Limited (SPL), a specialist in-situ road recycling company, have worked with a multitude of highways clients and carried out a number of schemes throughout Scotland.


SPL Case Study: Sustrans Cycle Route Norfolk

The Marriott’s Way is England’s longest disused railway trail at 26 miles. Parts of the trail have been used for walking, cycling and horse riding since the 1970s.


The surface needs to be appropriate for all users: Cyclists, horse riders, walkers and runners.


SPL Case Study: T-4 Rural Road Somerset

The carriageway prior to the works were typical of the area – layers of asphalt over an aggregate base; which, through increased traffic levels over the years, was showing signs of collapse and cracking with particular issues at edges where larger vehicles appeared to have regularly overrun the extent of the existing structure.


SPL Case Study: T-4 Rural Road compo grid Somerset

Station Road is located between Ashcott and Meare and provides access to the excellent Ham Wall National Nature Reserve.


The in situ recycling of this material took place over 2 days and marshalled access was maintained throughout the works, for

residents and visitors alike.


SPL Case Study: Unclassified Concrete Road Cambs

This rural road was constructed decades ago using concrete due to the peat and clay sub-grade below. The concrete had been overlaid historically with layers of asphalt

which was worn and reflects deeper cracking and movement within

the structure, rendering the road unsuitable for some vehicles.


SPL Case Study: T-2 Rural Rd Haunch & Full Shropshire

The original proposed treatment for the scheme was reconstruction of a number of damaged areas by conventional

patching / haunching, followed by surface dressing the following year. This work would have taken 4 – 5 weeks to complete

requiring a full road closure.


SPL Case Study: T-2 HGV Road Cambs

This was a major reconstruction of a failed road which was achieved within programme and the clients budget, without the need to carry out lengthy and costly reconstruction.


Case Study B1228, Brind, East Riding of Yorkshire

Stabilised Pavements, under a subcontract to Morrison Construction, have undertaken carriageway recycling of the B1228 road - 18,500m2 in total. A 2.8 km stretch of the road, located in the East Riding of Yorkshire, had to be rejuvenated due to the pavement distress including: fatigue cracking, rutting and potholes.











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