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As the UK’s largest and most experienced, we provide a cost effective and quality assured approach for the structural repair and maintenance of a failing roads.

The process takes place on-site:  Specialist machines pulverise the existing road in-situ and then through the addition of a cementitious powder provide a deep structural repair with a 20 year design life.

Whilst maximising re-use and recycling, the process saves carbon emissions against traditional techniques, and is the preferred choice for many authorities who’s roads contain hazardous road tar.

Stabilised Pavements Ltd is focused on delivering pavement construction, rehabilitation and maintenance solutions that are fast, cost effective and environmentally sustainable.

These solutions are based on extensive engineering expertise, technology and systems that ensure the highest standards of quality, occupational health, safety and environmental management.


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Existing failed

Plane outfailed
pavement and

2 Import and lay new surfacing

Plane out to reduce depth to accommodate
new surface
and dispose
(if required)

existing pavement

Recycle the remaining pavement to produce new recycled layer

Lay new pavement (dependant upon MSA)

The Problem

Full Reconstruction

(traditional method)

Stabilised Pavements Recycling Solution

(alternative method)

> Stabilcourse

provides deep in-situ recycling for pavements that are too distressed for simple overlay. Recycling in-situ involves pulverising a worn out pavements, mixing with a foam bitumen or cement binder, compacting and trimming in preparation for final surfacing.

> Stabilhaunch,
as for full-width road recycling, involves the restoration of failed carriageway edges by utilising stabilisation techniques. An addictive, typically OPC, is blended with pulverised in-situ materials to improve strength, durability, permeability, frost susceptibility etc.

Road Recycling Advantages



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Stabilised Pavements Ltd

A member of the Stabilised Pavements Group of companies with leading expertise and technology in road recycling and in-situ stabilisation. The group has operations in Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia with project capability throughout Europe and Asia.

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